Wide range of services for individual and business clients: WordPress website development, SEO positioning, content marketing, copywriting, training.

WordPress website development

✓ domain name selection and registration
✓ WordPress installation on the indicated server
✓ Installing the WordPress theme of your choice
(configurable and customisable)
✓ Installing WordPress plugins
✓ Content and multimedia filling
✓ Positioning your website on Google (SEO)
Google indexing (GSC)
✓ SSL certificate installation

Editing and upgrading WordPress websites

minor and major technical adjustments
Installation of new components and plug-ins
Repair and/or replacement of installed plug-ins
✓ periodical updates
customisation of WordPress template
changing the WordPress theme
Domain name transfer to another server

Website positioning (SEO)

✓ optimization of the website and published content with respect to current SEO requirements
S EO mini-audits
S EO recommendations
keyword research and competitive analysis
implementation of analytical tools
S EO plug-in installation for WordPress

Comprehensive and modern content marketing on the internet

✓ developing individual content marketing strategies
development of online publication plans
mini-audit of content marketing activities
drafting reports, guides, e-books, etc.
recommendations for sponsored articles

Copywriting / creation of professional content for websites

✓ SEO copywriting
marketing, sales, product, advertising, creative copywriting
content creation for e-mail marketing
✓ creation of industry-specific content for online and traditional media
content creation for social media posts

Training on WordPress CMS and analytical tools

✓ online training in CMS WordPress
✓ online training in the use of analytical tools
(Google Analytics, Senuto, KeywordTool, WebPosition, PageSpeed Insights, YouTube Studio, Twitter Analytics)
✓ workshop training for web developers
✓ SEO training courses for beginners and intermediates
individual journalism workshops


From concept to project implementation

Discussion of the website concept
The first stage of work is discussing the concept of the website with the client. At this point, we also start collecting the necessary materials - texts, photos, multimedia, attachments, etc.
Choice of domain, server, WordPress theme
The key moment of implementation - properly chosen domain and WordPress theme is more than half of success. The final decision belongs to the client, of course, but I can offer my advice and opinion at any time.
Process of creating a website according to the guidelines
The most labour-intensive stage of the project which requires me to work independently and with great concentration. I focus mainly on editing HTML code and CSS style sheets, I also perform tests of the website.
Website publishing / Google indexing
The last and most pleasant moment of realisation is the official publication of the website on the Internet and indexing in Google Search Console. Before that, you can still make minor corrections.

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