Benefit from a wide range of services

10 lat doświadczenia w różnych obszarach

More than 20 web portals launched

I have participated in the implementation of more than 20 web portals from many industries: media, sports, lifestyle, business, HoReCa, travel & MICE, medical, arts, technology, NGO.

Over 1000 original publications

During my work as a journalist I have created more than 1000 original texts: from classic news, journalism, interviews, reports, to product, marketing and advertising texts.

Over 18,000 minutes spent on IT and SEO training

I have gained expertise in web development, content marketing and SEO from numerous training courses and webinars led by leading IT professionals.
MATEUSZ ŚWIST creating websites WordPress website from scratch html css coding programming computer laptop graphics

"Your website is your greatest asset."
Amanda Sibley, HubSpot Marketing Director


I focus on high quality

Rapid project implementation

A simple business card WordPress website is created in just a few days, while more complex projects are usually completed in less than a month.

Professional workmanship

I make the utmost effort to ensure that every project I create is of high quality. I attach great importance to technical aspects and UX.

Satisfactory effect

Positive customer feedback is the best review of my work, in which I put a lot of passion and commitment to make the end result perfect.

I have worked with companies in many industries